Doric Masonic Lodge #44
2216 Old Greenbrier Road
Chesapeake, VA. 23325
Welcome to Doric Lodge #44, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Of Virginia

Q: How Do I Become a Mason?
A: To Be One You Must Ask One! To become a Mason a man must: apply of his own free will and accord and with an open heart. Neither invitations nor solicitations are made to prospective members. If a man is interested in joining he should ask a Masonic friend, who will guide him in the right direction.

Q: What are the general requirements for membership?
A: The requirements for membership are that you be a man of good character and reputation; that you be a peaceful citizen and one who guards against intemperance and excess; and that you are one who respects genuine brotherhood and the general good of society. Freemasonry requires a belief in a supreme being.

Q: Must I be a member of any certain religious origination to join the masons?
A: No. But you must profess a belief In God.

Q: What should my income be?
A: Free Masonry considers a man for his moral and not for his monetary worth.



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