Welcome to Doric Lodge 44, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, The Pillar of Strength




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for voting me to be your Worshipful Master for 2018. I am humbled by your trust and faith in me. I would also like to thank Past Master Todd Eastlick, Past Master Kenny Boyce, Past Master George Walton, Past Master Jerry Haddock, and Past Master Gene Cartwright for their tutelage and guidance, for without them my Journey in Masonry would have never begun. I also want to recognize Past Master Roy McDaniel who put up with me as a student who stumbled many times while learning the rituals of our fraternity to earn my Wardens Certificate. They were key figures in guiding me in the right direction. Though my journey so far has been smooth, I hope that the journey ahead of me will be just as smooth.
I am looking forward to the upcoming year. I realize that as Master of your Lodge, that some of my decisions and actions will not make everyone happy all of the time. I do promise that I will always be looking for what is best for your lodge. I will be looking for your ideas and suggestions before making many decisions. My theme for this year is “Growth through Masonry”. We are a small Lodge and have experienced a period of slow to no growth. It is going to be my mission to reverse this trend. My plan is simple and complex at the same time.
First off, I plan on starting a visitation program where I will be visiting brethren whom we have not seen in many days at lodge. I feel that by visiting the brethren, I can show them that they are not forgotten by the lodge. I will also be asking for them for guidance and suggestions. I realize that the average age of brethren of Doric Lodge is 76 and that many can not get out to lodge. I want these brethren to know that they are not forgotten by the lodge. I want the brethren to know that if they want to come to lodge for our stated but can not drive, I will do my best to get them a ride to and from lodge.
Secondly, Fundraisers are very important events in promoting Masonry. I am considering ideas for different types of fund raisers to help the lodge financially as well as to promote Doric Lodge and Masonry in general to the public. I will also hold Open House on the same days as our fundraisers.
Thirdly, I want to create a Widows committee to call and or visit the widows of our departed brethren. For it is our responsibility as Masons to see that they are taken care of.
These are just three of the ways I want to see “Growth Through Masonry”. As grand and good as my plan sounds, I can not do it without your support. I welcome all and any suggestions and ideas that you may have.
On the sad side, Grand Lodge, after a vote by the brethren approved the resolution to increase the per capita tax on each member by $10.00. This tax increase will be seen in your 2019 dues. We will be raising the dues to offset this tax. The LMIP has also been changed. In past years, the LMIP was based on 16 years times your yearly dues. This is being increased to 25 times your yearly dues. This will be accomplished in a three year period beginning in January 2018. In 2018 LMIP will be 21 times your yearly dues, 2019 will be 23 times yearly dues and 2020 will be 25 times your dues. Last year your Lodge voted no to this raise.
Again, thank you brethren for electing me as Master of the Lodge. I am looking forward to a productive year. Hope you can join me in this “Growth Through Masonry.

Willmont Griffin
Worshipful Master
Doric Lodge 44 AF&AM

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